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I was looking for something to solve my sleeping problems and Flower Power was just spot on! I noticed that I started to fall asleep much quicker and sleep longer. Drinking it became like a little ritual with the tasty and beautiful treat every evening.


Age 32

So I started taking Beauty Blossom about 6 months ago, and I definitely see and feel difference. My nails are much stronger, grow better and firmer. The skin feels smoother and more elastic. It definitely works! And this one tastes great :)


Age 42

Tried Flower Power last night and slept like a baby. Wait. Babies don't sleep. I slept like a happy, kid-less, middle aged woman!!! Lol

Katie Cirando

I loved both Flower Power and Beauty Blossom so much, i have never had a goodnight sleep in years and a boost of glowing energy. I didn't even have to take my insomnia meds.I recommend everyone to try it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marisa Arriaga

I just finished the whole jar of Flower Power and can tell you my honest opinion. I LOVED the taste! Usually I’m not a fan of Lavender, but I absolutely adored the “Blueberry Lavender” taste! It’s refreshing and to my surprise I was drinking this mix every single night and didn’t get sick of it.


Age 34