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What Supplements Do You Need In Autumn?
While we're still enjoying sunny weather, it's time to prepare for the colder times of the year. During fall, our metabolism slows down as the temperature drops. Change of seasons also affects your immunity and mood, and that's why it's essential to take care of your well-being beforehand.

We want to help you feel energized and ready for fall, so here are some tips that make getting through the cold easier:

✔️ Take your time

Fall and winter naturally tell our bodies to slow down and conserve energy. During this time, our bodies tend to handle stress differently – think of gloomy weather and cold wind, for example. Isn't it harder to wake up in the mornings and feel motivated to get your tasks done?

Meditation can help you avoid mood swings and stay focused on important things. You can try journaling to keep your thoughts and tasks organized, which helps prevent anxiety and overexertion. We also recommend sticking to a healthy sleeping schedule: your circadian rhythms will stay consistent, and your nervous system will be thankful.

✔️ Choose immunity-boosting foods

One of our best tips is to change up your diet as it gets colder. This way, you'll make it easier for your immune system to fight off viruses and get all the goodness out of seasonal produce.

For example, vitamin C-rich foods like lemons, oranges, and clementines will give your body a boost in beating the flu. Seasonal and nutrient-dense squash, turnips, cranberries, apples, and brussels sprouts are also extremely useful.

✔️Maintain cleanliness

You can start simple: keep your hands clean, and if you're outside, make sure the germs don't spread by using sanitizer. We recommend sterilizing your most used items, like your smartphone, laptop, keychain, headphones, etc. You can also give the areas in your house that contain the majority of germs a deep disinfecting clean. And, what's better than finishing your day with a hot bath? Soak in a hot bath with some Epsom salt – this will help remove the toxins from your body and make you relax faster.


✔️ Take care of your mental health

Shorter days and colder conditions commonly cause feelings of sadness and loneliness. If that's the case for you, here are some stress-relief practices you can try:

💜 Get enough sleep. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep daily – or less, if that's your average amount. Your body should have enough resting time to recover from stress, fight off illness, and keep you energized.

💜 Avoid self-isolation. Reach out to friends or family members – in most cases, opening up to those you trust removes the excess pressure. You can also join a hobby class or a social group to form new friendships and find more people who share the same values you do. Volunteering and small social activities are other great ways to avoid sulking. Even a short walk, a restaurant date with yourself, or a movie premiere can change the way you feel.

✔️ Take your supplements

We get a lot of essential vitamins from fresh fruit and sunlight, both abundant during warmer times of the year. Considering the lack of both during fall and your immune system's readjustment to colder weather – it makes sense to step up your supplement game. Let's see which ones are worth factoring in:

— Vitamins E and C. They boost immunity and supply your body with antioxidants, protecting nerves and preventing diseases.
— Biotin, collagen, and calcium keep your bones, hair, skin, and nails healthy and strong.
— Vitamins B and D help your body withstand stressful conditions and recover faster.
Our Beauty Blossom is a balanced blend of vitamins that will help you feel your best during changing seasons and dark days. Ordering it through our website is easy – just click the link.

What Supplements Do You Need In Autumn?

Summing Up

Fall is a perfect time to slow down, reflect on your needs, and make more time for yourself. It can be hard to change, but you don't have to rush it. Try incorporating one tip at a time, follow your rhythm, and remember to pat yourself on the back every once in a while. These tips will help you have a healthier fall and a better well-being routine overall.

You can stay energized by giving your body everything it needs. We're happy to help you with that.


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